SmartNet Collaboration Solutions help your business run better than ever before. Ideas are generated faster, tacit knowledge shared more efficiently, and people are more effectively aligned with rapidly changing business agendas. These solutions help you succeed in today’s environment by enabling employees to work and communicate anywhere, at any time, becoming more productive in the context of what they do every day. Collaboration streamlines communications, project delivery and enables teams to be more engaged and productive.

Implementing SmartNet Collaboration Solutions will let you:

  • Analyze your current business processes to help understand where and how value can be added, and operational improvement achieved
  • Capture and capitalize on knowledge throughout your organization
  • Enable your team to be more productive in the context of what they do every day
  • Identify reusable assets across the organization to expedite value realization, and much more!


Collaboration connects people anywhere, at any time on any device, and transforms how employees interact and communicate to enable responsiveness, efficiency, and improved productivity. Whether you need secure meeting spaces, persistent chat, videoconferencing, communities for resources working together on projects, or just a cognitive solution to make sense of it all, SmartNet can help with solutions that include:

Enterprise Messaging

Engage through messaging tools, which can include cognitive cloud email, integration and bots, and migration services to help get you there.

Unified Communications

Utilize enterprise communication services and tools, combined into easy-to-use interfaces that can integrate with other applications. Some solutions include presence awareness, instant messaging and persistent chat, and team collaboration.

Meeting Spaces

Offer your business various meeting solutions that are secure so your information is safe. Our experts can help you identify and then implement the right solution for your business including videoconferencing, Web conferencing and content sharing, delivered either on-premise or via cloud.

Enterprise Social

Leverage the most valuable assets in your organization: your people.
Effectively capturing and providing access to the tacit knowledge within your teams is critical to ensuring that expertise provides ongoing value to your company.